First run with carburetors. The fuel mixture is way too rich, unburnt fuel is dripping out of the exhaust ports.
Test run without carburetors. Just a couple of drops with fuel injected directly into the induction manifolds.

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10.01 | 05:04

In my first post--I neglected to say that my machine was a Hoffman--similar to an Agathon 175-175A

this has to be the most beautiful shop in the world--are you a hobbyist---or professional

Thanks for any help you can give me

10.01 | 04:52

I need the following:
1. Owners manual in English
2. The handles used to lock the cross bar
3. Any and all accessories
4. Grinding wheels for HSS Lathe bits

Office of Thomas Barr IV
3855 Noyac Road
Sag Harbor, NY 11963
Tel: 631-725-7447
Fax: 631-72

07.01 | 21:59

hei,den var jo virkelig fin

30.11 | 16:49

my life's dream....perfect

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