Dürkopp vertical Gas engine

This is the set of castings as provided by Bengs modelbau in Germany. Very good quality castings and drawings-
It is a big engine with a flywheel of 300 mm.
Turning the base.
Internal turning of the cylinder.
Speed regulator.
Gas-air mixing valve.
The sylinder liner is cooled by a water jacket.
Not in the drawings, an excenter to drive the water pump.
Parts for the radiator.
Water pump.
Radiator with a 15 mm big thermometer.
I have used the little metal spiral of bimetal found in regular windows thermometer. Normaly the scale goes from -50 to + 50 degrees celcius. By adjusting the hand it is suitable for temperature measurement from 0 to 100 degrees.
All parts painted.
Electronic ignition frm Mini-mag ignition system in GB.
Engine with radiator (The radiator is my own design)
finished engine.

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12.06 | 08:58

Hei Edvind.
Den lille V8 motor, er det en 4-takter som du har laget bittesmå ventiler og kamaksel til?
Har du også laget forgasser? Strømfordeler?
Mvh Paolo

16.03 | 11:42

I have the same lathe. I am unable to get off the headstock. How is this done? Thank you.

24.08 | 03:24

Wow! What a wonderful shop and such talent, excellent!!Thanks so much for this website, very inspiring and yet humbles me and my talent. William Reese, Utah.

24.08 | 02:22

Great! Can you tell me what colors or RAL number you used. Looks like motor is a slightly different color, and looks great! I want to paint my Deckel the same

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